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Virtual assistants? Spinning plates is what we do

It wasnt that long ago that every business person had a secretary or PA to help manage and support their work lives. It was a standard thing in every standard office - the days of a nine to five existence and no internet. No Starbucks takeaways and no Blackberries to become addicted to.

These were the days when Entrepreneurial meant Richard Branson or Alan Sugar and not much else. The internet of course changed everything - ways of doing business, a much more prevalent culture of entreprenuership and individualism, and with it the role of the classic office assistant as a plate spinner rather than secretary.

And with the current economic climate comes more change. Value is critical and the independent business person does not want to worry about or pay for unnecessary costs. Why should they?Extra head count is a cost that doesn't help - which is why the personal assistant / secretarial role has developed so helpfully into that of a virtual one.

Pay for what you need and when you want it.

But also know what you need, and know which plates you need help spinning.

Some things may be obvious. a telephone answering service, email management, diary organisation, dealing with suppliers professionally and in a headache reducing way, or running your business databases.

Perhaps you require cost-effective online research help to save you time and money? (The internet is genius but can prove to be time consuming to find the best information rather than the first information).

Or maybe you need an assistant to make sure the things that make your personal life tick are looked after so as not to interfere with business priorities?

You may even be looking for assistance administering your social media profiles and connections?

Our modern, personal service is bespoke, composed around you and your business needs rather than fitting a formula - both in terms of service and cost.

And the best kind of virtual assistant? The one that thinks one step ahead of you and the one whose blog you read...

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